Kayley Thomas

My Philosophy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of my teaching. I am committed to fostering a learning environment that promotes acceptance and accessibility for students of all backgrounds, identities, abilities, and experiences. As a teacher of writing and literature, one of my central goals is to make sure that my students understand that their voices matter. I work to help them use their voices as readers, writers, and critical thinkers to join in cultural conversations that hold meaning in their scholastic, professional, local, and global communities.

I believe that learning is not a one-way process in which students are passive recipients; instead, I envision the classroom as the site of what David Lusted defines in “Why Pedagogy?” as “the interaction of three agencies – the teacher, the learner and the knowledge they together produce” (3). It is important to me that my students recognize their own agency in their learning and come to see themselves as collaborators and creators with unique contributions to make in our classroom and beyond.

My Courses

Composition and Rhetoric

Gulf Coast State College
College Composition I
College Composition II

Santa Fe College
College Composition I
College Composition II: Digital Technologies
College Composition II: Monsters and Monstrosity

University of Florida
Expository and Argumentative Writing
Argument and Persuasion: Issues in Education
Argument and Persuasion: Utopias and Dystopias


Gulf Coast State College
Literature and Culture
English Literature to the 18th Century
Women in Literature

University of Florida
Upper Division
Reading and the Nineteenth-Century English Novel
Victorian Literature: Ways of Seeing
Lower Division
Introduction to Literature
Survey of English Literature, 1750 to the Present
Survey of English Literature, Medieval to 1750

Technical & Professional Communication

Santa Fe College
Technical Communication

University of Florida
Professional Communication for Engineers
Technical Writing

Digital and Visual Media

University of Florida
Writing through Media: Adaptation and Intertextuality
Writing through Media: Frankenstein’s Monsters – (Re/De)Constructing Humanity in Science Fiction and Society

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